Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Goal for Paying off Auto Loan and Others

Back in April, I laid out our goals for paying off our debt. In there, I figured that after paying off the credit card debt, we could put all our resources towards the auto loan. The earliest I figured we could pay that off was August of 2014. Well, now that we have paid off the CC debt earlier, I believe that we can tackle the auto debt earlier. If all goes to plan, we will have it paid off by December of 2012. That would be welcome news, as we would then begin to tackle the 2nd mortgage.

By then, the mortgage will have about $56000 remaining. I would give us 3 years of accelerated payments to finish off that loan. That would be December of 2015. All that would remain now would be the 1st mortgage with $115000 remaining in principal. By throwing all that extra dollars($1350) into the principal every month, I see us paying off this debt within 3 more years. This means by December of 2018, the house will be all ours. This is one lofty goal, but if we can get back to two incomes next year, it will be totally doable. Also, I plan on working in some extra hobby income as well.

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