Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rising Prescription Costs are Hurting Us

Our little one, requires a high dosage of vitamins that are compounded so that she can take them orally. She has feeding issues (not able to chew well) so we give them by oral syringe. There are 8 separate vitamins that are put into 5 compounds of varying tastes. These are to make up for her genetic/metabolic vitamin deficiency. She has been on the cocktail for a year and has shown improvement.

The problem is that the cost of the vitamins and compounding has gone up drastically in the past 6 months. At the end of last year, it was $10 per prescription, with 3 being twice a month. At the time, there we a total of 9 refills per month. That comes to a total of $90/ month. Then in January of this year the co-pays went to $30 so the grand total went to $270/ month. We worked hard with the pharmacist and neurologist to cut the total prescriptions down to 5 a month and the total was $150/ month.

Well, this month our health provider decided to upped the co-pays to $50 a month. That makes the total $250.00. I think they are trying to make our live miserable. We are currently working with the pharmacist and neurologist again to try and bring the cost down. Otherwise we are gonna go on the canned beans diet.

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