Saturday, April 17, 2010

5 Steps to Acquiring the Dream

This post outlines the 5 steps needed to attain our dream of owning real estate in New York. While this is our goal, I believe it can be adapted by others to fulfill their dreams. This could be owning real estate or saving or retirement or maybe buying a boat or RV. It could be whatever you want to achieve.

  1. Setting a price goal: I believe that $2,000,000 is the minimum to get a decent property in Manhattan, whether through a cash purchase or finance. We may find something for less depending on how the market is, but this is what we should reach for.
  2. Getting a second income or increasing my income: Right now, we are working with one income, since my wife has been out of work since last year. Either she needs to find a job or I need to find a better paying job. I could also try and work part time online somehow.
  3. Getting out of credit card debt: This is a tough one. We have some debt that we have built up due to my wife being out of work. While we have stabilized that for now, we need to get rid of it.
  4. Paying off our mortgage: After the credit card debt is gone, it will be time to work on this one. We still have 23 years left right now, but is we can eradicate the $300+ dollars we are paying on step 3, that money will go towards the mortgage.
  5. Look for a place and move: Self explanatory, but still complex, with all the details involved with uprooting.
The list is not set in stone of course, but is a good guide to use in trying to reach for our goal. This would all be thrown away if I were to find a good paying job in NYC and we were to move closer to the city, whether is a suburb or in a neighboring state. Then we would go directly to step 5.

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