Monday, April 19, 2010

Curbed NY Real Estate Website

I was looking around for blogs on NYC real estate and ran into Curbed NY. It quite a feature packed place. They have quite a few daily updates with information on local sales and news. Some of the information here is a bit on the entertainment side, such as a post on where Matt Damon has been real estate shopping. For the most part though, the information is good, such as daily open house listings as well as a complete Sunday open house guide for buyers and renters.

Then there are sections for current sales and rentals. Their listing cross multiple agencies and allow you to narrow down your search, whether it is the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or the max dollars you want to spend. The results are given is the normal list format that is sortable for varied fields such as bedrooms, square footage, or price. The indiviual listings provide photos as well as an embedded google map that is expandable.

All in all, Curbed NY is a great site for a NYC real estate junkie. They also have sites for the Hamptons, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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