Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Financial Goals

It being late in the first half of the year, I thought I would throw out some goals for the end of the 2010. This is all incumbent of my wife being able to find some part time work. If she doesn't soon, we are going to have to tap into the emergency fund even more and then lord knows what. I have been contemplating finding a second job, but my work sometimes requires weekend builds, so it would be tough to schedule. Lets hope we find something soon.

  1. Emergency Fund: $5,000.00 (currently at $6200 and being taped into)
  2. Taxable Investments: $2,630.00 (currently $1758.87)
  3. Retirement Accts: $99,540.00 (currently $90980.79)
  4. Credit Card Debt: $10,393.00 (currently $12793.42)
As I stated, if my wife does not find work soon, the emergency fund will really be dwindling, but I guess that is why we have it. I have started selling stuff on Craigslist and Gazelle, but that is going slowly.


  1. do you have real estate equity?

    if so, credit line... if you can get it.

  2. Don't want to go there right now. I want to leave the equity in there in case we have to sell. Thanks.