Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Day Today

Last week, I stated that I would put $1000 towards our one of our outstanding credit cards which is at 4.99%. Well, today I did just that, knocking the balance down to around $5806. I did not stop there though.

As I was looking at our other outstanding credit card, which is at 1.99%, I decided to check out my rewards balance. I was elated to find I had enough to throw $25 at that balance. It is now down to $6925!! That brings the total of both down to $12781. Boy that that feel good. Now, I wish that I could throw this type of money at the balance every month, but this was a great opportunity.

I won't have this chance to bring the debt down for a while, as we have some summer projects lined up. We need to finish reseeding our lawn and also need to retile the bathroom and put in some new fixtures. While these are some big expenses (probably around $500 total), they are sorely needed. We want to make sure the house is sellable if the opportunity arises.

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