Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Different, Yet Ultimate Dream

I have mentioned in the past that our younger daughter has medical issues which has been making it tough for my wife to find some part time work. The little one has an odd school schedule (1/2 day) as well as a slew of therapy sessions during the week. On top of this, she has more than the normal doctor's appointments, some of which are out of state.

Another problem with the little one is that she only eats well with yours truly. Mom has a tough time feeding her and more calories are wasted than taken in. My work has been accommodating, but that can only last so long. By not being in the office as much as before, I lose that face time with my fellow coworkers. Even though I put in my best, the perception is that I am not putting in as much as I can. This is normal office politics.

This has lead me to think about what my long term goals are and where my priorities should be. Ultimately, I would love to be able to spend as much time as I can taking care of our younger daughter. The more we can work with her now, the better for her long term development.

So, my dream would be to free myself of the 9-5 work day. I think that by paying off our debts and earning passive income would be the best way to achieve that goal. Passive income would be in the form or website earnings and writing for sites such as Associated Content, as well as investment income. I would be ideal to gather enough dividend paying equities to be able to live off the payments.
Now I have to work towards that goal. I have setup my get out of debt plan already, but need to see if I can advance that somehow and in the meantime, build up my equity portfolio. Good luck to me!!

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