Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changing Non-Retirement Brokerage Account

I made a decision yesterday to consolidate my accounts. The move is to the same institution as my current Roth IRA. It will make for better paperwork and and simpler transaction between portfolios.
In anticipation of the money transfer, I sold off my shares of Altria and Fifth Street Cooperation. I purchased both in May of last year and kept them for almost exactly 8 months. The results of my investments are attached.

The results include commission costs. Overall I made $48.34, excluding minimal taxes. This is not too bad of a result, for a $1,000 investment over 8 months. For a start into income investing, I consider it a positive, especially since it was held for such a short term. I am now researching purchases for the new account and am considering putting in an additional $1000, depending on how we do at tax and bonus season.

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