Thursday, January 20, 2011

FSC Redux

Since I moved my Scottrade account over to TD Ameritrade, I decided ot kick in an additional $1000 to the $1060 that will be transferred. With that, I have been looking to stocks that I will be purchasing with those funds. Of course, I have limited myself to dividend plays as that is my current investment strategy. Until all debts are payed off, I am looking to build up a base of income paying stocks. I believe them to be safer plays for the near term.

I am looking split the $2060 into two stocks, one a dividend growth stock and the other a high income one. For the former, I have not committed yet, but have a short list that I am mulling over. For the later, I have decided to get back into Fifth Street Finance (FSC). I really like this company and management seems fully invested in its growth. Basically, it is a small to medium business loan company.

Currently, FSC is looking to pay out their dividends monthly and the yield is at 10.6%. This seems quite high, but it is in range with similar companies. A $1000 investment, should yield me around $100 a year for the near time and the stock does not fluctuate too wildly.

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