Monday, January 31, 2011

Different Strategy for the Non-Retirement Account

A couple of weeks back, I reported that I was changing my brokerage account and adding some money towards it. At first, I was looking to keep using the account as dividend growth account. It was going to hold stocks that would be growing their dividends or had high current yields.

That has changed for the time being. Last week, I bought Bank of America(BAC) on a dip with the intention to get out of the stock when it rose to my liking. Basically, I am looking to make $25 out of the stock and then move on, which I did today. BAC rose back to what would be a $25 profit for me and I sold it.

The proceeds from the sale have gone into Intel(INTC). It took a bit of a hit today with it announcement of a chip-set flaw, and I took advantage of that. Now Intel is a two pronged attack for me. If I can hold on till Thursday, I can take advantage of its dividend payout of $0.1812 per share.

The reason I have made this switch in strategy is because I wanted to see if I can eventually add to our income. With my wife having trouble finding a job that fits our children's schedule, I have been pondering different types of income stream. If I can succeed at this, I can hopefully free up that worry. I understand that this is a risky was of going about, but sometimes we have to increase our risk in order to succeed.

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